Friday, August 11, 2017

Panasonic KV-1026C Review

There is one scanner was released simultaneously with the scanner KV-S1026C. Scanner is Panasonic Scanner is KV-S1015C with different specifications from the other artificial Panasonic scanners, released concurrently. At first glance, this scanner is a scanner that good with details performance relatively better performance than most scanners. Let's see how his ability in handling Affairs documents.

If seen and compared to his brother, Panasonic KV-S1026C scanner device, this one has significant differences from its velocity. Panasonic scanner KV-S1015C is a scanner which is nice in terms of performance and speed. In terms of the design of the devices this one is also not bad.

Remember a good scanner is now urgently needed by the world's offices, and some certain people also began to use this device to be installed at their homes, the existence of scanners today have experienced the shift functions are quite significant. Typically, a scanner is present on the big offices, but is now even more people have started a home-based device. Some of the options for private scanner indeed serves also as a printer, chosen because of the practice. However, for performance, you can make the device the Panasonic KV-S1015C this as an attractive option, because this device is a great scanner, seen from a few things.

From the design side, scanner, this one has almost the same design as the design of the Panasonic KV-1026C. With a compact size, tray paper that can be folded, as well as the appearance of a somewhat slanted top for easy device users, this one is a great scanner in terms of external appearance. The device has a dominant black color, making it look elegant.

The size of this one reaching 5.4 x 11.9 x 7 inches and have a weight of 5.9 pounds (about 5 pounds). This scanner comes with 5 buttons, including the power button, 3 buttons that can be programmed, and the start-stop button.

The device that this one has had a fairly good performance in terms of speed work. One good scanners features Panasonic artificial Image Capture Plus a search process that does not support PDF, unlike his brother Panasonic KV-S1026C. Panasonic scanner KV-1015C has a quality of 200 ppi when doing scanning on PDF format, 20.7 ppm when doing the scanning process in the 25-page document in simplex mode, as well as have the time quite effectively in the process of scanning documents back and forth (recorded 41.4 ipm).

Page management system on the scanner on this one, unfortunately, do not have a PDF Searchable setting, which is generally regarded as the most useful format for processing the document. PDF settings you should set itself, a step that is less practical for the size of the scanner designed lately. But a shortage is covered by other benefits in terms of JPEG, Mixed, and Loseless. It's a great scanner this may indeed not have Searchable PDFS, but the menu of the scanning speed offered relatively the same quick mode using either simplex or duplex.
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